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Emroz water meter well

Water meter Emroz 400

Bottomless well construction design enables the use of the planets geothermal energy, thus protecting the inner chamber from freezing.

Special insulating shell, UV- resistant layer and insulating cap to allow for installation of the water meter 30 centimeters below the cover, thus protecting the well from frosting of up to - 30 degree Celcius. The well can be used in areas with a high water table.

Properties of the water-meter:

-enables retension of a positive temperature around the water meter
-allows the ground level reading of water meter indications
-lightweight construction
-installation at high ground water table

Components of water-meter:

1. cover (cast iron: standard option) or composite
2. Insulating cap (styrofoam)
3. Insulating shell (polyurethane)
4. Protective shell (polyethylene)
5. Body of the well (polyethylene)

Technical data:

Frost resistant water meter, (with various options, various lengths) - covered with type A15 cover

Connecting assembly 3/4"
Water meter 3/4 "
Non-return valve EA 3/4"

Connection assembly consists of the following parts:
Water meter connecting fittings, fittings for the fi 32 pipe, shut-off valves, installation accessories.
# able to prepare a connecting assembly for 1/2 " diameter or other pipe diameters.

-for one water meter
-for dual water meters
-individual configuration of water meter console elements.

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